Group Therapy, Support Groups, and Classes

We offer a variety of services to fit your needs.


Group Therapy

Treatment which involves meeting with a therapist and more than one person to collectively work on a specific issue. Each group typically has a theme and a confidential relationship is held between the therapist and each member of the group.


Support groups

A group of people with a common issue or situation. The members of the support group provide comfort and encouragement to those who within the group, and a confidential relationship exists among its members.



Provided so groups of people can learn about a specific skill.


Although there are many similarities between group therapy, support groups, and classes the difference lies in what the goal of each is:

The goal for group therapy is to help you CHANGE.

The goal for a support group is to help you COPE.

The goal for a class is to help you LEARN.

Please note: Group therapy, support groups, and classes are not covered by insurance. All expenses must be paid out of pocket at the time of the session.